Farmers Branch Transmission Rebuild

Farmers Branch Transmission Rebuild

Hackler Transmission – The Premier Professionally Trained Transmission Rebuilders

Hackler Transmission’s team includes professionally trained transmission rebuilders with unsurpassed transmission rebuilding experience, both manual and automatic.  Our in-house transmission rebuild department has rebuilt transmissions for many satisfied drivers in Farmers Branch and the surrounding area, for all makes and models.

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Customer Transmission Education – Farmers Branch, TX

At Hackler Transmission, we view customer education as one of the most important principles of our business.  We strive to help every customer understand the “whys” of a transmission rebuild.  Most often, Farmers Branch auto repair shops, including dealerships, will recommend the full replacement of the transmission.  This option tends to not be the optimal solution for most customers.

If that is true, then why do they make the recommendation?  The answer can be simple as they do not have the in-house expertise to perform the complex transmission rebuilding process.  Shockingly, many repair shops advertise themselves as transmission specialists without in-house rebuilding expertise.

Other times, customers receive the recommendation that they should purchase a “new” transmission over a transmission rebuild.  This recommendation can be misleading because the transmission, for their vehicle, may no longer be manufactured as a “new” entire unit.  In this case, the transmission is a remanufactured transmission.

Remanufactured vs Rebuilt Transmissions – Farmers Branch, TX

A remanufactured transmission and a rebuilt transmission are the same and are differentiated by the location the work is performed.  The work on a remanufactured transmission is completed in a  factory setting.  The common practices used in remanufacturing are:

  • A team of skilled workers specialized in an area of the repair.
  • One person performs the teardown and inspection.
  • One person cleans the transmission.
  • Another team assembles and restores certain components.
  • A final person will assemble the transmission.

Finally, the transmission is then tested on a dynamometer and shipped to the shop or dealership.

A rebuilt transmission is different.  It is disassembled and inspected, worn or damaged parts are replaced and reassembled to factory specifications.  The reassembly includes new gaskets, seals, clutches, and bands.  The term “rebuilt” is commonly used in a shop setting where the customer’s transmission is removed, rebuilt, and reinstalled by a transmission specialist.

Hackler Transmission’s Complete Farmers Branch Transmission Rebuild

The Hackler Transmission process for a complete transmission rebuild, in Farmers Branch, requires several intricate steps:

  • Identify and Repair the Cause of Failure.
  • Replace all Soft Parts – Soft Parts do not last forever and can fail. Even if a soft part is not the cause of failure, Hackler Transmission will replace them to ensure the longevity of a transmission.
  • Marginal Part Replacement – Whether a marginal part is the cause of the failure, most rebuilds have components displaying wear. Not replacing a worn marginal part may save a few dollars now but could cost thousands down the road.  It is something to consider.
  • Other Known Failures – Our expert technicians are familiar with the known causes of transmission failure. Additionally, we regularly review national data on design flaws for each transmission model. We consider the common causes of failure when rebuilding your transmission. In many cases, your new transmission is better than the original transmission due to the addressing of known weaknesses.

Ultimately, any transmission rebuild starts with an accurate diagnosis. Our technicians are versed in known transmission failures and will provide you with the best option to fit your budget.

Transmission Rebuild in Farmers Branch

When your transmission fails, it can make for an unbelievably bad day.  Make your day better by contacting Hackler Transmission, in Farmers Branch, for a cost-effective option for transmission rebuild or repair.

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