Transmission Problems Carrollton

Transmission Problems in Carrollton!

Transmission Problems, What Could Be Causing The Issue?

Every vehicle in Carrolton has a transmission, and every transmission system is involved.  The transmission system is designed to work extremely hard to provide a smooth and efficient ride.  Like your engine and other parts within your vehicle, the transmission will experience some wear and tear, which is why regular transmission service is important.  However, the majority of the time transmission problems do not happen when you take your vehicle in for service.  Call Hackler Transmission Today!  (972)243-4022

How Do You Know If Something is Wrong Between Carrollton Service Appointments?

As a guide, for Carrollton area drivers, Hackler Transmission has pulled together a summary of the most common transmission problems.  We understand an educated customer is a happy customer.  Below, you’ll discover all the warning signs to watch for and what do to after you find there is a potential problem.

Common Transmission Problems in Your Car, in Carrollton

Slow or Lack of Response when Shifting – Have you noticed a delay when switching gears? In an automatic transmission, the RPMs will go higher than normal before transmission shifts into the next gear.  Manual transmissions have a more noticeable slip when changing gears.  If so, something could be wrong with the transmission.  This problem tends to be clutch-related but there are other reasons this problem occurs.  If ignored, it could affect your driving considerably.

Vehicle Vibration – Vibration typically occurs with a malfunctioning clutch.  Your car will shake during gear changes. Regular clutch operation equals a smooth ride with no vibration.  If you’re noticing considerable vibration, take your vehicle in for a transmission check.

Sounds from Under the Hood – If you notice clunking sounds from your vehicle that are not normal, your transmission may be the cause.  The sound will be like humming or clunking.  A Hackler Transmission technician can find the sound fairly quickly and solve the problem.

Leaking Transmission Fluid – Transmission fluid is important to the operation of your vehicle’s transmission.  Its purpose is to clean, seal, and lubricate transmission parts.  If fluid leaks out, it reduces the amount present in the transmission and can cause serious problems.  Transmission fluid leaks are easily visible.  Look for a bright red fluid under your car.  It’s important to check the transmission fluid level consistently.  If you notice a leak, take your car to Hackler Transmission immediately.

Slipping Out of Gear – Does your car switch gears randomly or go into neutral when it’s not supposed to? If so, take your car to Hackler Transmission ASAP.  Gear slippage can be caused by a broken link that holds the gears in place.  Worn or missing links will result in vehicles shifting sporadically, which is unsafe.

Burning Smell – If you smell something burning, that is never a good sign.  If the transmission fluid is dirty or low, transmission components can overheat, resulting in a burning smell.  This is a sign of severe probable transmission damage.  Make sure to have the car looked at ASAP.

Transmission Problems, in Carrollton, Can Be Fixed at Hackler Transmission

Transmission problems occur with every car or truck eventually, especially with the wear and tear experienced in Carrollton traffic.  If you experience any one of these problems, bring your vehicle to Hackler Transmission so one of our professionals can look it over.  We would rather catch a problem early before it becomes a severe issue.

Hackler Transmission is the transmission repair provider Carrollton Residents, and Business Owners have come to trust! Call us today!  (972)243-4022

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